Petrillo Stone Performs First Robotic Marble Carving of Abraham Lincoln

abe lincoln

The power of technology and robotics is extraordinary. Recently, the Petrillo Stone shop got a new piece of tech – a robotic carving machine – that will allow even more intricate and detailed design elements. Additionally, this robotic machine with cut down man hours on complicated carvings, allowing our team to focus on design & implementation.

Abraham Lincoln in Marble

One of the most traditional and historical elements of art is in the form of busts or statues.  Looking back at Ancient Rome, the Etruscans, and the Romans were very skilled at their high level of talent and detail performed on each statue. This level of detail, from the intricacies of a fingerprint to single strands of hair, probably took the Roman artists years to complete.

Fast forward to 2023, and our team could not be more thrilled to be able to recreate even a semblance of the stone carvings of antiquity – without taking years to complete. Our first commission was to complete a marble carving of President Abraham Lincoln.

Using the Robotic Carving Machine

It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, either. To create the beautiful marbled bust of Honest Abe, we simply program or upload the information needed to perform the carving. While we may not be the Romans or the Etruscans, we are very impressed by the breathtaking result.

We look forward to creating many more amazingly detailed carvings for our clients in the future and bringing back more historical artwork to businesses around New York City.