Creating a Beautiful Fireplace Surround with Roman Classic Travertine

travertine fireplace

One of the most comforting feelings is gathering around the fire with friends and loved ones. A fireplace does more than warm the home, though. It provides a beautiful aesthetic and design piece that stands out. A fireplace is truly a statement piece – and that is exactly what homeowners in Southampton, NY wanted when they hired our team at Petrillo Stone.

A Gorgeous Travertine Fireplace Facade

Roman Classic Travertine is an exquisite natural stone that tells a story as old as time. The stone is laced with intricate vein and swirl details that bring in the romanticism of historic Italy. Adding this elegance as a focal point is an excellent choice for those who want the beauty and timelessness of Southern Europe to echo through their home.

For this client in Southampton, Petrillo Stone used a template to precisely and delicately fabricate the travertine to the desired specifications for the fireplace facade, combining Roman Classic Travertine with the modern aesthetic of an electric fireplace. The results were a breathtaking centerpiece that will be the subject of conversation for years to come.

Adding Awe-Inspiring Stone Details to Your Home

Petrillo Stone loves helping home and business owners find ways to incorporate stone features. Whether as a fireplace surround, a marble staircase, or custom-carved brownstone, our team can provide the concept and the execution. Contact us for a quote today to take your home to a new level of design.