6 Types of Stone Commonly Used for Projects

Different types of stone

Different types of stoneThere are plenty of different stones that can be used as materials when it comes to building. Every stone is unique in its own way and not all stones are equal, and this makes some options better to use when it’s used for materials. At Petrillo Stone, we often use 6 materials in our projects:


The Basalt stone is between a medium and fine grain. It’s dark-colored that is composed of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. This stone is commonly used to build roads, bridge piers, dams, river walls, and statues.


Sandstone is commonly combined with silica cement, and this mix can be used to build heavy, solid structures. It’s made up of sand grains and a mix of silt or clay particles to occupy the space between the sand grains.


Granite is a crystalline structure, and the grain can range from fine to coarse. It’s mostly made up of quartz and feldspar, with a little bit of mica and amphibole. Granite is used in buildings, bridges, paving, and monuments. Indoors, it can be used for tile floors, stair treads, and countertops.


Not all limestone is useable, but it is commonly used here at Petrillo Stone. Certain varieties have high clay content making them non-durable. But, limestone is compact and dense, which makes it great for building materials for floors, roofs, and pavements. Salty air can abrade limestone, so it’s best to not use it in coastal areas.


Marble is known to be strong, uniform, imperious, and polishes beautifully. It’s made out of crystallized carbonate minerals. It’s easily carved, hence all the ancient statues carved in marble.


Slate is made of quartz, clay minerals, and mica. It is extremely fine-grained and is used to make roofing tiles and pavers.